The Vision 4 Our Children Committee is comprised of concerned parents, community members, and childcare providers who are working to make childcare more accessible and affordable for Monongalia County Families.  See our Mission and Vision on our About Us page.

See the Events page for info on upcoming meetings and family events.

2008 is Year of the Child

We are very excited to announce that the City of Morgantown has proclaimed 2008 as Year of the Child!  Check the events page for more info on ways that kids and families are being recognized and supported in our community.

Report to the Community 2007

The Report to the Community below is a compilation of information regarding the state of childcare in Monongalia County.  Included with the report is survey data, information on the Community Forum held in April 2007, innovative ideas from forum participants, information about the economic impact of childcare, and a Call to Action created by the committee this summer.

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